Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Windows Easy Transfer 7 Attempting to Reconnect

Using Windows 7 Easy transfer on a new pc (Win7 Pro x64) to try and get files and settings off of an older Laptop (XP Pro x32).

Using the Network method (10/100 wired).

After choosing files/settings to transfer (defaults in my case), choosing the destination user account, and destination drive for the files (default for C: drive (no choices for OS drive (C:))), and a blank formatted partition (target O:) for the secondary laptop source drive D: from the drop-down menu (advanced options), and entering the transfer code, starting the transfer, the transfer began. Unfortunately, the laptop is old and frail, and keeps heating up and crashing during the transfer process. Seemingly (as far as I've been able to tell from looking, and searching google) Windows Easy Transfer for windows 7 is missing the resume function as described in Windows Easy Transfer for Vista documentation (as shown in the 4th picture here, unless its missing due to using the network method? I don't have an easy transfer cable to try to see if it makes this option available, nor did I have time to try an external hard-drive destination for the transfer to see if it shows up then.

So... I'm stuck either doing a manual transfer of the data piece by piece (or rsync using a live linux disc or something), or attempting a full image dump using something like acronis (assuming it doesn't crash, or I'll have to pull the drive and do it with the laptop drive plugged into another machine).

Sucks... why did microsoft either remove the Resume option of Windows Easy Transfer, or limit it to only easy transfer cable transfers or hard-drive transfers (if such is the case... maybe someone can tell me if the resume is there for them in these 2 (transfer cable and external hard-drive) transfer modes with Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7).

edit: what I ended up doing, (so far, middle of transfer so far) is setting the laptop up so it is getting even more airflow, have it beside an open window (and its -5 C outside), and a fan blowing on the laptop directly.

realistically, I don't normally use the Windows Easy Transfer, but the client wanted his new desktop PC to be as similar to his old laptop as possible (a common request these days).

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